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  • NobTra RVP42-9 Opening sensor for industrial doors is a high-performance motion radar detector for vehicle detection and human detection,specilly developed for industialdoors,garage doors,cold storage doors,road gates and other industie.It is with dual relays of vehicle-detection and pedestrian-detection,and can also open the corresponding relay output as needed.Meanwhile,RVP42-9M has a recognition and filtering function for horizontally moving vehicles or pedestrians.

  • NobTra intelligent human vehicle radar, which is suitable for various industrial fast doors, stacking doors, garage doors and other doors application scenarios.

  • NobTra RVP42-9M radar inbuild 2 channels relays, one channel for detect vehicle and the second channels is used for detecting human;

  • The RVP-9M radar has a detection height of 1-9 meters. A radar detection surface will be formed from top to bottom. By judging the area of the object to identify whether it is a person or a car, the higher the installation height, the higher the detection accuracy;The detection principle of JUTAI RVM42-9M radar is dynamic detection; it does not detect stationary objects but detects moving objects.
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  • It also has the function of direction recognition. When the car is perpendicular to the door and is about to enter the garage, the radar will detect and the door will Open, when the car passes by the side of the door, instead of entering the door, the vehicle radar does not detect and the door does not open; this can maximize the detection accuracy, so that the door will not open even if an object is detected when the door should not be opened.


  • Two independent outputs, separate detection of people/vehicles;
  • Can block lateral movement
  • Slow detection function
  • Installation height 2m-9m
  • Detection area up to 6.5m×8.5m

                        Simple and practical and powerful

  • Can be installed outdoors, IP65 protection grade;
  • The bracket can be adjusted 180°, easy to use;
  • The slow detection function can effectively detect the front fork and pedestrians of the forklift.
  • Dual independent outputs for people and vehicles, and the sensor can also be used in applications where only people are detected.
  • Widely used in various industrial doors, garages and other occasion
  • radar opening sensors

    radar opening sensors

    Application Technology

    Doppler radar

    Temperature range

    -30℃ to +60℃

    Transmit frequency


    Relative temperatur

    0% 95%, no cond

    Transmit power


    Waterproof leve


    Detection heigh


    Relay outp

    Maximum 48VAC/DC; maximum curr

    Adjustable ang

    0°-180° Longitudina

    Dimensions (including brack)


    Detection speed


    Detection zone

    3.0m*3.5m@height when 2 meters
    6.5m*8.5m@ height when 9 meter



    Working voltage


    Working curren The Maximum 75mA
    Power frequency 50HZ

    man-vehicle separation radar

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