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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



product video

product video

NOBLE Parking Guidance System


1) Description

Parking guidance system is a indicating system of guiding the driver to the parking places successfully.Generally,it’s an intelligent parking guidance system in parking lot that guide the drivers to park into the empty spaces, use intelligent control system to detect the parking spaces,show the available parking spaces through display screens;the driver can park easily through the information.

2)System structure

1. Ultrasonic detection system:
Install the ultrasonic probe in the upper right of the car,and set the detecting distance and address.The ultrasonic probe detecting distance can be set from1.5-3.0,total 4levels(the specific distance can be set according to client needs),data transmission mode use RS485 bus,a bus is recommend to connect max up to 25 ultrasonic detectors.

2.Data acquisition system
Four ultrasonic detection system connect to one parking spaces controller,each parking spaces controller is connected via CAN bus to form a regional data acquisition system,and send the regional parking data to the data processing center(PC or parking spaces display).Parking spaces controller address can be set to any address of 0-63,prohibit repeat setting. Four ultrasonic detection system can be divided into four regional model, convenient for user to install flexibly according to the actual working environment.

3.Parking spaces output display system
Install a parking spaces display to show the parking empty information at each regional or each main road,and according to each regional area parking spaces number,with the flashing arrow,intelligently guide the driver to the area with more packing spaces to park,to promote the  parking places reasonable distribution of parking lot.

3)System function

  • Guide parking easily,fast parking,save time,reduce fuel consumption
  • Statistic parking lot utilization,rational allocation of resources,increase the parking lot operational efficiency.
  • Enhance the parking management level,improve the image of property management.
  • Reduce the human resources investment cost of property management.


Ultrasonic parking detector UD32-R



The parking detector uses the principle of ultrasonic distance measurement, use the  ultrasonic transmitter, the object reflection, after receiving the echo time difference to measure the parking garage current situation. RS485 communication bus design, anti-interference ability, an RS485 bus can connect up to 25 parking spaces detectors. Industrial design can be adapted to a variety of harsh environments, and it plays a guiding role as safe parking of city vehicles.

2)Technical Parameters

  • Working voltage: AC12V±10%
  • Rated power: 0.5W
  • Working temperature: -20℃-65℃
  • Storage temperature: -20℃-85℃
  • Operating Humidity :30-90% (Relative Humidity)
  • Installation distance: indoor, Above the parking space 1.0-4m ( recommendation2.5-3.0m )
  • Installation angle: horizontal±7.5°
  • Detection distance: 0.2-4.5

3)Product Structure

T-shaped crossing program


Parking Controller UC4-RC


1.Parking Guidance Function.
Collection data of ultrasonic parking detector parking lot timely to improve the efficiency of parking .

2. Multi-level Networking
Adopt RS485 and ultrasonic parking space detector networking  and collect data of parking space timely .
Adopt CAN bus communication and networking organization per controller,  and timely update the data of total remain vehicles number in parking guidance display.

3. Indicator Fault remind
According to the status of indicator light to judge the running status of controller , It is convenient for maintenance.

2)Product Structure

T-shaped crossing program

a)12V DC power supply connection interface.
b)R1A, R1B-R4A,R5B: 4 channels RS-485 probe controller are connected to bus . Each RS-845 line can be
connected 32 pcs ultrasonic detection heads maximum , 0 parking guidance brach display . one or more
RS-485 bus constitute 1-3 partition .
c)RELAY、GND:Relay Interface , RELAY—> +12,GND—> 0V
d)CANH、CANL: controller and controller ,terminal and data center CAN bus connection , the maximum controller connection is 64.
e)RES: CAN bus matches resistance interface, each RS-485 bus of controller are connected matched resistance, When using , it only need the end of bus , that is the farthest parking controller end , to connect RES and CANH .
f)USB: User online upgrade connector.
g)Key Connector :System operation key.
e)LCD Connector : It is used for current setting status display.

3)Technical Parameters

Power supply : AC12V±10%
Rated Power :1.5
Operation Temperature:-20℃-65℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃-85℃
Operating Humidity :30-90% (Relative Humidity)


Parking Guidance Display NOBLE IG3-C


)Area parking display function.
Display the amount of area parking in time.
b)Easy installation and using
It adopts two-line CAN communication line , is easy installation and convenient for operation without necessity of setting.
c)Fault detection function
When there is something wrong with the communication ,the indicator light will turn on, the system turn off automatically .

2)Product Structure

parking guidance system

① Total parking lots display : For each floor total parking lots display .
② power line : red -L(AC)
③ power line : black -N(AC)
④ CANH: CAN line H electric line.
⑤ CANL: CAN line L electric line.

3) Technical Parameters

a)Working voltage : 100-265VAC
b)Rated power : 17.5W
c)Working temperature : -20℃-65℃
d)Storage temperature : -20℃-85℃
e)Working humidity : 30-90% ( relative humidity)
f)CAN bus communication rate : 125Kbps


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