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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



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product video

GPRS network traffic light controller


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traffic lights certificate

parking red green lights spedification

Item NO.:NBTLC-20G GPRS network traffic light controller

GPRS network Traffic light Controller Spec.

1.32 bit Microcontroller Based

2.44 independent lamp control per Master/Slave Controller

3.24 Cycle Plans

4.One week can be programmed

5.32 Stages

6.Forced Flash

7.Manual Override

8.Green Conflict

9.East,West,South,North automatic Checher

10.Automatic display failure

11.Work voltage:12V DC±10%-solar power compatible

12.ENVIRONMENTAL:0 to 55 °C/95% RH at 40°C 

parking red green lights spedification

1. Plug-in the control system. More stable and reliable.

2. The all-weather outdoor box equipped with device of lighting arrester and power filter.

3. The machine adopted the design of module, and easy to maintenance and extension.

4. 32 channels of independent output and 3A operation current.

5. RS-232, RS-485 excuse to expand with higher plane of communication.

6. On-line adjustmentm, check and setup.

7. 99 operation stages for workdays and weekdays respective.

8. 28programmable operation menus.

9. 99 step for each programmable menu and 1 to 255 second for each step.

10. The flashing status of each signal lamp can be set and the frequency and the time of flashing is adjustable.

11. Yellow flash time at night can be set freely and the frequency is adjustable.

12. Can access to the emergency state at and time.

13. Manual cdontrol can realize step operation at random and specified menu and there is yellow lamp blocking.

14. Auto power trip protection and the operation parameters can be stored for above ten years,

15. Auto test the green conflict, yellow flash is automatic when green conflict is come up.

16. Simulation crossing is convenient to operate the machine.

17. Standards: UP to national standard GA47-2002.

18. Export-driven capabilities: ability for drive: each loaded power is 600w.

19. Anti-shock: can bear the natural shock in transport.

GPRS network traffic light controller

NBTLC-20:red+yellow+green(east vehicle:3 channels+west vehicle:3 channels+South vehicle:3 channels +North vehicle:3 channels + east pedestrian-total: 2channels+west pedestrian-total: 2channels+South pedestrian-total+ North pedestrian-total: 2channels,total:20channels)


Our Traffic signal control power plug is optional, and mainly consists of several:
traffic signal controller

traffic signal controller

parking traffic light

300mm traffic lights

led traffic signal lights
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