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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



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product video

Tomorrow's Intelligent Transportation green wave System

The city is a monster, while walking in the city transport on the composition of its blood. Car, bus, subway, train, they will of people and goods transported from one place to another place of the city, to ensure the normal functioning of the city. The road is the city's lifeline. Vascular blockage can be fatal for people, road congestion for the city will result in significant losses. Therefore, maintaining blood flow, is to maintain the normal operation of the city an important part. But in mega-cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, a large avalanche blockage often occurs. Is there any way to reduce this to plug it?

GPRS network traffic light controller

There is something called "green wave controller solution " of traffic patterns, can be partially solve this problem.

This phenomenon may often drive the car owners do not pay attention, but in all intersections can easily observe this phenomenon. There are cars on the road constantly open, but if you encounter a red light at the intersection, then it can only be stopped. In red this time, a lot of cars stopped at lights. Just when the red light turns green, the big wave of car they all start up, then after the lights of cars is particularly high. Wait until after a period of time after the original in parked cars are driven away, after the car lights, relatively speaking, become scarce. This creates a model road vehicles: there is a relatively dense traffic, traffic immediately following a period of relatively sparse. This fluctuated traffic patterns, with the waves are very similar.

So, lights strategy is also very obvious. In peak traffic arrives, it should give them the green light to allow traffic accounted for most of the cars in the past; and when traffic trough, just use this time to allow pedestrians and vehicles in addition directions through the intersection. Thus the effect created is called "Green Wave controller " because every peak traffic will encounter green, smooth all the way. Las Vegas "Everyone VIP treatment" is the use of this principle.
This "Green Wave" setting, but also help to control the speed. Too fast car, will first arrive in peak traffic lights, then it can only be stopped at red lights of waiting for the peak to come along again, virtually slowed down. Driving too slow car, will arrive behind the peak traffic lights, then it will encounter a red light, can only wait to go along with the next wave peak relative to remind drivers: Ah you open too slowly ! This allows the overall speed is adjusted to a relatively appropriate range.

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