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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



product video

product video

LED traffic lights are working on Taiwan streets now


By so far, over 690,000 LED traffic lights on Taiwan streets have been replaced by more energy-efficient LED lights, which are expected the save electricity as much as what is needed to power more than 60,000 homes on the island. This project is part of Taiwan's efforts to increase adoption of LED lighting devices such asLED traffic light and street lamp.

    it took about $18 million to finish the project of changing traffic lights to LED lighting through the island. According to estimation by the Bureau of Energy, LED lights consume only one tenth of the electricity consumed by traditional bulbs, so the 690,000 LED traffic lights will save 247 million kilowatt hours, which is enough to power 67,700 ordinary Taiwanese families.

    In addition to energy efficiency, LED traffic lights also feature high brightness and visibility, so they are easy to be recognized by drivers, motorists and pedestrians. The long life span will also save local governments a lot in maintenance costs. Therefore, Taiwan government is encouraged to plan a bigger project of replacing 800,000 mercury-vapor street lamps with LED lights during the next five years.



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