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Traffic Light Project

Traffic Light Project



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product video

Characteristics of LED Traffic Light


Characteristics of LED Traffic Light

In the days of seeking for low-carbon, a lot of energy saving goods emerged. LED traffic lights was developed under this background as well, and now become the main force in the traffic signal field. The characteristics of led traffic light mainly has the following points,

  1. Low power consumption:

Using led light source, the power consumption is much lower than that of traditional incandescent, thus can save energy up to nearly 85%.

  1. Long life-span:

Led traffic light is using LEDs as light source which can work longer than incandescent light bulbs, long to 50,000 hours which is 25 times longer than ordinary incandescent lamp, then it greatly reduce the maintenance cost.
3. Stable signal color:
Signals emitted from the LED light source is monochromatic light. It doesn't need to choose the lens to change color, so the LED traffic lights won't meet color ambiguous situation because of the lens fade.

  1. Prevent false display:

Known to the world, incandescent lamp uses a reflective cup in order to get a good light distribution, while led traffic light is using a direct light, so the intensity and range can be relatively high.

300mm led traffic signal light
NBJD113F-C 100mm led traffic light
12inch led traffic lights with digital



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