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NobTra Infrared Gate Opener Sensor, (also called electronic grating or infrared fence) (also called "infrared railing") is a kind of active infrared beam, which uses multiple infrared beams to beam, and the transmitter sends "low frequency emission and time division detection" to the receiver. When a person or object blocks any two or more adjacent beams of light emitted by the transmitter for more than 2 seconds, the receiver immediately outputs an alarm signal. When a small animal or a small object blocks one of the beams of light, the alarm No alarm signal will be output.


Application: Infrared Gate Opener Sensor is a new front-end product for home anti-theft care windows and balconies that replaces "iron cage" and traditional door and window magnetic control switches, curtain detectors and other products used in traditional technical defenses. It forms a function with various anti-theft alarm controllers. Powerful anti-theft alarm system. According to its working principle, it can also be expanded for multiple purposes, such as vehicle detection at the entrance and exit of an indoor parking lot.

Number of beams

4/8(or other long optional)



Detection Distance


Working Voltage


Transmitter Operating Current


Receiver Operation Current


Response Time




Trigger Time

Block a beam of light,trigger in 2 seconds,block adjacent 2 beams or more,trigger immediately

Induction Method

Single beam trigger or Multi-beam trigger(can selected)

Working Temperature

-20°C - +60°C

Ambient Temperature

90%RH In Max(No condensation)

Alarm Output

Wired Output,relay Output 30 VDC@2A,125VAC@1A

Output Way(Wired Model)

Wired transmission(NO/NC)

IP level IP65
Material Aluminum Alloy And PC Plastic

Rotation Angle

180 degrees horizontal

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